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NCERT Chemistry Exemplar Problem for Class 11

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Unit 1 (Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry)

Unit 2 (Sstructure Of A Ture Of Atom)

Unit 3 (Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Propertie)

Unit 4 (Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure)

Unit 5 (States Of Matter)

Unit 6 (Thermodynamics)

Unit 7 (Equilibrium)

Unit 8 (Redox Reactions)

Unit 9 (Hydrogen)

Unit 10 (The S -Block Elements)

Unit 11 (The P -Block Elements)

Unit 12 (Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principles And Techniques)

Unit 13 (Hhydrocarbons)

Unit 14 (Environmental Chemistry)

I (Design Of The Sample Question Paper)

Appendix I (Elements, Their Atomic Number And Molar Mass)



NCERT Chemistry Exemplar Problem for Class 11

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